1.The shop Monika Kamińska, 05-816 Opacz Kolonia ul.Srodkowa 24B, NIP: 5342352779, REGON: 147460986 offers gift cards, which entitle to purchases specified in these regulations. 

2. The shop Monika Kamińska offers gift cards at the prices specified in the gift card document. 


1. The holder of the gift card is entitled to use it within the period specified on the gift card document. 

2. The gift card is valid for 6 months from the date of its sale, according to the date on the gift card document. 

3. Failure to use the gift card within the deadline specified in gift document is equivalent to the loss of validity of the gift card and does not constitute grounds for its holder to pursue claims in this regard against Monika Kamińska shop. 


1. The holder of the gift card can use the amount indicated on the gift card for goods offer by Monika Kamińska online shop ( which are marked as available at the time of placing the order. 

2. Each gift card has a unique code. Gift cards without codes are invalid. 

3. Gift cards must be used once in full amount. 

4. If the full value of the gift card is not used, the shop Monika Kamińska does not reimburse the difference. 

5. Each gift card and its code can be used only once. The gift card code must be kept secret because its loss or disclosure may result in its use by unauthorized persons. 

6. In justified cases in which the holder of the gift card cannot use it, the holder of the gift card can transfer it to a third party. 

7. It is prohibited to sell gift cards to third parties. 

§4 1. The company Monika Kamińska is not responsible for loss, damage or disclosure of gift card codes by the Customer. The shop Monika Kamińska does not issue duplicates. 

2. The company Monika Kamińska reserves the right to refuse selling goods on the basis of gift cards which are illegible, damaged or give rise to doubts as to their authenticity in any other way. In such case a gift card is regarded as invalid, without the right to receive a replacement gift card. 

3. A Gift card is not a means of payment. It cannot be redeemed at Monika Kamińska for cash, neither in whole or part. 

4. A purchased gift card is non-refundable. 

5. Purchase of products by means of a gift card does not limit the possibility of withdrawing from the contract, with the proviso that the funds are not transferred to the customer’s account but are added to the customer’s virtual balance at Monika Kamińska shop. The balance should be used for purchasing another product available in stock within 14 days from the acceptance of the returned goods by Monika Kamińska. 6. The purchase of products by means of a gift card does not limit or exclude the customer’s rights resulting from the warranty or non-conformity of goods with the contract. 


1. The purchaser of the gift card as well as the holder of the gift card are obliged to familiarize themselves with these regulations. 

2. Purchase of the gift card constitutes confirmation that the gift card purchaser accepts the terms contained in these regulations.

3. The terms and conditions enter into force on 18.09.2015.