Monika Kamińska – elegant clothes made of natural fabrics. 

Quality. Class. Timelessness. 

These three characteristics define my approach to fashion and clothes. It took me a long time to find clothes made of top quality fabrics, which due to their classical form will become the base for my everyday outfits and also won’t ruin my wallet. I do not compromise, and so – after months of fruitless trips from one shop to another – I decided to create the exact kind of clothes that I needed.

 And today I can proudly present a special product – clothes for women who value thoroughness and elegance. For women who don’t chase the changing trends because they know what they want. 

I believe that quality is what we truly value. I realise that quantity has already replaced quality. I also know that we actually look for something that will once and for all solve our eternal I-have-nothing-to-wear problem. We want clothes that will be there for us for many outings, because they will become our second skin.

The clothes that you can buy here meet all these requirements. Apart from the classical style I also made sure that they are made of top quality fabrics. Like wool, which I can guarantee won’t itch in the least. The fabric which I use will probably be the most pleasant you have ever touched. 

It is the 100% top quality wool that guarantees the amazing chic and at the same time ensures the incomparable comfort of wearing the dress. 

The classics that you have always been looking for has just been found. See for yourself!